Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eye candy from the cemetery

I'm not sure where it came from but I can't remember not loving cemeteries and tombstones, especially the old statuary that you see in some of the older resting places. One of my favorite cemeteries is Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock. It's like an oasis in the downtown section of town...directly adjacent to the freeway and across the street from a fast food place and former car wash, it's charm and quiet seem to almost completely block the hustle and bustle out of mind and you forget that you're in the capitol city of our state. I've taken a lot of pictures there, some of which you can see on my flickr, which is listed on the right hand column here. So, knowing this, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered another beautiful, old, HUGE cemetery in town...Oakland Cenetery. What a gorgeous place! We spent hours there and plan to go back soon, as there was still so much more to see!

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