Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eye candy from the cemetery

I'm not sure where it came from but I can't remember not loving cemeteries and tombstones, especially the old statuary that you see in some of the older resting places. One of my favorite cemeteries is Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock. It's like an oasis in the downtown section of town...directly adjacent to the freeway and across the street from a fast food place and former car wash, it's charm and quiet seem to almost completely block the hustle and bustle out of mind and you forget that you're in the capitol city of our state. I've taken a lot of pictures there, some of which you can see on my flickr, which is listed on the right hand column here. So, knowing this, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered another beautiful, old, HUGE cemetery in town...Oakland Cenetery. What a gorgeous place! We spent hours there and plan to go back soon, as there was still so much more to see!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

ArtFest 2012/Seattle and Port Townsend love

Another ArtFest has come and gone, and will never be least not in it's original, fantastical form. And I guess that really truly means saying that word, never. It was a wonderful, magical time with old friends and new, lessons learned and incredible, unforgettable memories.

As always, the adventure began in lovely Seattle...a little trip to Pike's Place undoubtably gets one in the mood!

On to Port Townsend, and the discovery that an entire block right outside our digs was completely torn up and being worked, as in jack hammers and other noisy implements of destruction...not ideal but luckily, the workers had a four day weekend, beginning Thursday! And of course, the PT folks made the best of's a little archway entrance into the disaster zone which still had open shops!

We came in a day early, and I was so glad. As much as I really enjoy Seattle, Pt. Townsend is just so lovely...I could spend months there. Plus we had a little extra time to hang out and let the fun really sink in. It had been two years since I had seen my AF buds...and neighbors, that's too long!!

Opening night at ArtFest! I was somewhat resistant to going but went anyway, and I am so glad I did...Teesha and Tracy talked a bit about general AF business and then...
...a marriage proposal! Totally worth the trip to the hanger for sure!! I was honored to shoot video during this monumental life event, and I'm still a little worried that most of the audio is of me, blubbering and sniffling. I sure hope his parents don't mind too much! Prost to the happy couple!!

First day of classes brought me to the dynamic duo of Cynthia Thornton and her charming brother, Andrew Thornton. It was a small class, less than ten I think~~very intimate! Cynthia and Andrew were wonderfully real, very authentic and generous. The class was a blast...probably my favorite, despite the wet washcloth....thank goodness I only had one class with her, right?! And, I still had fun, met some great people and learned an awesome technique! Thank you, Thorntons!!
(mouth open due to overly-sassy photog)
(beautiful class samples...I fell in love w/the bird girl on the top right, & was lucky enough to bring her home with me!)

Friday was spent with the soopacool Lana Guerra. I had been in Lana's wig class at AF'11 and she was lots of fun. The class was making dolls, Lana style. YAY!
(Lana's dollies)
(my bunny doll head)

Saturday, OH Saturday! Happily, I was in class with my BFF who knows how to in point, the upgrade at Hertz to the MacDaddyCaddy that I drove around PNW all week~~living large with Special K!!! Junker Jane was our sweet teacher and husband, DJ Dave, our lovely assistant and sewing machine repairman. Again, I was blessed with an incredibly nice teacher willing to share whatever I needed to complete my vision of a Monster Rag Doll!
(some Junker Jane's dolls~~wow!)
(a sweet teacher and her hubby. And me & my monster rag doll.)

Farwell, sweet AF...I will miss you!

Sunday, we were back in Seattle. After missing our turn back to Bainbridge, we finally found our way a different way. And on a mission to find a copy (or three) of Enchanted Adornments, a trip to the bead store was in order! After loading up on abunch of stuff there, and forgetting that we'd asked them to hold the books for us, (which meant another transaction at the beadstore), I was ready to lay down. Or have a drink. Or both. Which is what we did.
I can't remember the name of the hotel but Kim picked so of course, it was swanky with a great view. We were actually right across from a residential high rise that I spent a good deal of time peeping on...wish I'd brought my binoculars!

And the visit is never complete without a trip to Uwajimaya (kinda like Pike's Place)!
Mmmmm, Beard Papa's!!

Monday was our last day...=( But we got in one more trip to the bead store, a trip to the troll
and beer and chili dog at the airport.

Milkin' it for all it's worth!! But of course!


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